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Hai Van Pass, also known as the Hai Van Pass or Pass Clouds, high 500 m above sea level, 20 km long, delicate Bach Ma mountain range, is part of the Truong Son mountain range cut to the sea.
Hai Van Pass is the border of Thua Thien - Hue city in the north and south of Danang.
Hai Van Pass is a barrier between the tropical climate is influenced by South Asian monsoons: the south with climate 2 seasons (dry and wet) and the North within reach temperate climate.
Hai Van Pass on a gate. This gate called the Hai Van Quan built from the Tran, and was restored in 1826 during the Nguyen Dynasty government Store Thua Thien subject looks about three words "Hai Van Quan," Quang Nam door looks down on "God most grandiose beauty trousers". Lac a corner table clause also adds that "Ming Par interior renovation aged sands create", ie making good on July 7th year 1826. Par Ming This title Legend of King Le Thanh Tong conferred military ruler when he stopped here in Canh Thin, 1470.

Mỗi ngày có khoảng 40 đoàn tàu hỏa chạy xuyên qua đèo. Chỉ cần đứng đợi một chút là có thể bắt gặp hình ảnh này. Ảnh: Emily Nguyen

In addition, where the top of Hai Van is still a couple of bunkers (remnants of Don Best) built by the French army in 1826 to protect this strategic passes. Later he was transferred to station robot arms the US military. In the two resistance wars against the French and Americans, Hai Van Pass has consecutive where the great battle took place.

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