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 Son Tra Peninsula | Da Nang Tour

Peninsula Son Tra- Located 10 km from the city center to the east, the peninsula is considered the "jewel", with a long coastline, winding, multi flora and fauna alongexcellent scenery.

Come to Son Tra you will visit and admire the beautiful scenery of Da Nang.

The Tour can choose the gentle Tour Visiting spiritual needs associated with visiting the following points:

1. Linh Ung Pagoda:


One of the main highlights at the temple as she Guan Yin Buddha was the highest recorded in Vietnam (67 m) with a 17-storey tower. With that lean on the mountain, she looked at the statue to pray for waves Sea diving sea yen, bless the people of the fishing village at the foot of the rice zone no warm clothes, good harvests.

From here, you can watch the entire area of ​​Son Tra Peninsula. Daytime with blue waves, nighttime city lights up colorful. The distance is Cham at the time hidden in mist fanciful.

* In addition you can choose trekking tours - Visit the top combined with examination of Son Tra - This is a favorite tour of our company. You will have a pleasant experience with the natural color of the sky in Son Tra.


2. The banyan tree is known as the "elders" of the mountains on the Son Tra Peninsula more than 1,000 years old.
From Linh Ung Pagoda go north on the peninsula you will see multi-thousand year old tree was dubbed the "elders" of the mountains. Tall tree about 26 meters towards the sea with the welcome sun, surrounded by a groomsman 26 crashed, creating a solid chassis, supporting the widespread interwoven.


Continue along the winding road round to the south, visitors will have to climb the steep hill to the Peak upright to the board, also known as you have money. It takes a little extra effort to climb this place over tens of stairs but it's totally worth it.

You will enjoy the cool air, fresh and easy to see the whole city and the sea air mountainous clouds. Son Tra Peninsula is also out with golden sandy coastline, bustling neighborhoods and many bridge over the Han River. Highlights to mention the first statue he sat playing chess.

On sunny days, you can look across the city. If the weather is foggy, around you will be clouds and between first place Penglai scene. Maybe so, but the first he chose this place for a walk, as the old chess still each transmission.

On the way to Mount chessboard, a more interesting destination heliport is in the mountains. It was built by the US Army in 1965, can accommodate 16 aircraft at the same time serves the transportation of weapons, vehicles, food and troops to military bases on Son Tra Mountain.

Currently empty lot but this is the one time of battle vestiges still linger on the concrete floor, stone tablets history. Lawn here also become beautiful photo spot with clear blue sky.

Along with helipad, Son Tra mountain radar stations have dubbed the peephole Indochina, US-built military service. It is due to Vietnam's military takeover and the important geographical location.

Since this is a military area and still be used in the protection of sovereignty, visitors to the site can not visit the radar station, but still a lot of positions on the streets around the mountains you can stop and interesting pictures with characteristic three white orbs.


Shanked Langur Watch

Son Tra is also one of the places of stay of rare animal species, is known as the queen of primates - shanked Langur.

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