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Hoi An City

In recent years, hoi an tours introduction of Hoi An has always been one of the attractive tourist destination with many tourists and hoi an tours is always one of the highlights in the road tour tourism Central. In the minds of many visitors have been to the old town as beautiful as a painting rustic, homely and very poetic, is not only famous for its classic architecture and diversity that Hoi An retains a background Intangible cultural cornerstone very bulky. The following note will make your trip to Hoi An there are more perfect

  • The ideal time to Hoi An

About the best time to Hoi An tours is February to April every year, the climate is cool and pleasant. If you want to enjoy the peace, like the romantic look of the Huai River and idyllic life of the people here, you can go on any day, but if you go on the 14th lunar friend will see the lantern with colorful decoration around Hoi

  • These landmarks in Hoi An that you should not ignore

1. Japanese  Bridge Pagoda: is considered the jewel of the old town, the temple was built at the end of the century and known as Japanese demand for the Japanese was built, the features of this bridge is in the middle of a small temple worship Huyen Thien Great, this is the temple with very beautiful motifs and harmony between cultures as Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese and Western modern touches

Chùa Cầu
Covered Bridge

2. Fujian Assembly Hall: former clubs in essence this is just a small temple time worship Thien Hau Thanh Mau is God bless her for traders to wind waves pass, the latter being more overseas construction support Should current reconstruction has become a Fujian Assembly Hall with architectural harmony and bearing the traditional nature

Hội Quán Phúc Kiến
Fujian Assembly Hall

3.Guangdong Assembly Hall: a place where Kwan chickened Festival on June 24 m annual calendar, which was a lot of interest, as well as other clubs, clubs Guangdong have extremely specific architecture particularly when it is built of wood and stone have high bearing capacity

Guangdong Assembly Hall

4. Museum of History - Culture: here there are so many items that reflect the phased development of Hoi An, the ancient objects from the Sa Huynh culture to culture or cultural Care Pathways Vietnam

History museum

5. crafts workshop Hoi An: This is the famous traditional village in Hoi An, including many complete production lines by hand as mats, woven fabrics, ceramics, lacquer ... .. Upon arrival Here, visitors not only watch skilled artisans with years of experience creating famous works, if you prefer to approach these guidelines artisans make products or buy some product 1 you like

Traditional villages

6. Cua Dai Beach: is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central with blue sea water, white sand beaches and there are many attractive games like driving moto sea water, surfing and many other activities created innovation

Cua Dai Beach

7. An Bang Sea: not as Cua Dai and An Bang choose a location more calm and peaceful, here you will release your soul in nature, watching the pristine beauty of the sea, enjoy peace while walking along the white sand and watch the sun rises

Bang beach

8. Kim Bong Carpentry Village: is one of the village had known from the Nguyen Dynasty, when they were invited to the capital of the Nguyen lords to build the famous mausoleums. When visitors will come here to admire the way people here built a wooden handicraft products are professional, beautiful and sophisticated

Kim Bong carpentry village

9. Thanh Ha pottery village: only 3 km from Hoi An to the west, in the previous year Thanh Ha was a thriving village very famous and ceramic supplies for central provinces, the products are created from Thanh Ha pottery village mostly serving items in daily life, such as cups, bowls, jars, jars and vases ...

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

  • Cuisine of Hoi An

1. Pho Hoi Chicken rice: the most famous dish of Hoi Street, to cook this dish needs meticulous in the way of processing and the certain knowledge with food, if you want delicious eaten with onions, papaya and herbs

Pho Hoi Chicken Rice

2. Cao Lau: The signature dish here, this dish is considered like the Japanese cold noodles, this dish originated from China but has been modified to suit the taste to suit with Vietnam

Cao Lau

3. Dumplings, cauldron cakes: two cakes are often eaten together, if cauldron cakes made from ground shrimp add little crushed pepper, garlic, onion and lemongrass are dumplings made from pork, mushrooms and green onions, a dish like this cake only 20k, too cheap considering the quality

Pastries and cakes cauldron

4. Tea corn: a rustic dishes but became a famous dish of the ancient town, Hoi An people use to cook corn nestled should you eat you will feel the taste of corn original, March to September is the time for most corn and it is time to eat the most delicious corn tea

Corn sweet soup

5. Mi Quang: dishes like Cao Lau but also taste completely different, if you want to eat tasty pasta commercials go to her shop or Cam Ha Minh City area in Hoi An Market nhé

Noodles Ads


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