Tour Heaven Cave 1 day
Tour code : QDTD
Tour type : Group tour or private tour
Time : 1 day
Transport : By coach
Route : Hue- heaven cave- Hue
Departure : Hue
Arrival : Heaven cave



Heaven Cave - Phong Nha

 Located in the heart of the World Heritage Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province and among a huge limestone mountains , the Heaven cave ( or Thien Duong cave ) was bestowed with spectacular and magnificent  masterpiece and recognized as the longest dry cave in Asia.

The cave was discovered in 2005 with  31,4 km in length, and has width of 30 -100m, the widest of the cave is 150m and the height from the bottom to the top of about 60m. 8 km of the cave was open for visitor could reach and discover the destination on foot.

heaven cave

Stalactites in the cave are like symbol for millions of years’ history. The cave is also special for its white great stalactite columns.

In the cave located an air -shaft of about 100m, which gets the sunshine directly to the bottom of the cave. Visitors will sometime feel a cool breeze wind or  a bright halo. Below the halo , there is a 500m2 large rocks and a rushing stream flowing underground with white foam.


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