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Ba Na Tours of will help you to discover a region which is very famous place in Danang and also be dubbed the "the second Sapa " it is Bana.

  • Vehicle to Bana

To get Bana you can travel by car, motorbike or taxi, if you are on a motorcycle, then send the car in park and buy tickets to Bana, if taxi, they will carry you in person. If you go with the family and the number of members crowded the rental car is the best option. You can view and select your favorite type of car here, or contact us for advice +84 913.278.151 and have best price

How is the weather on Bana

Coming to Bana you will feel the interferometer 4 separate seasons in one day, soothing scent of beautiful flowers with cool weather from the mountain mist will feel the taste of the season Most explicitly spring, the rays will appear midday dispel the fog and return open space and not as cool fresh, this is the right time to play the games on Mrs. Na people such as summer time. The weather of autumn is expressed most clearly at 3 to 6 pm, is still the most beautiful evening when everywhere is covered with wisps of clouds, this time winter princess arrived brandishing whip weather chilly breeze unparalleled power. In the cold numb, tourists did not want to go anywhere but sit by the fireplace flickered and click the passionate wine helps the body fight the cold is gradually taking up space. The most appropriate time to go Bana from April to August

  • Places to play

1.Trains climbing: This game will help you save a lot of time as possible visiting Le Jardin D'Amour garden, cellar or garden Debay Tinh Tam without having to wait, besides the landscape panoramic Bana also out front with mountains, clouds place like Elysium, the fare of this game is 100,000 VND

2.Le Jardin D'Amour Flower Garden: this is the area for her, where she spoiled watching the many famous flowers in many different countries, this garden is divided into 7 small flower garden and a garden equipped location and layout of a topic with many different flowers

3.Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park: is a game played international level with an area of ​​over 21 thousand square meters with many games for many different audiences, the game lightly as horseback riding for children, or the Thrilling game for anyone who likes adventure. If hungry you can down Asian food area - u to enjoy the incredibly delicious dish

5.Wax Museum: a showcase many copies were made of wax figures of famous singers, actors to politicians, the fare for this game is 100,000 VND / way for adults and children 1.3 m

  • Some experiences to consider when to Bana

- The most appropriate time to come Ba Na is April to August

- Food and water should eye on here is quite a good idea to bring the prepared food to power for a long day

- Total travel time is 6 pm and on so you do not need to go early to avoid waiting for enough people to take the cable car

-You will not pay the cable car between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

- In Danang has all 3 Linh Ung Pagoda, if statue of Linh Ung Pagoda on Ba Na is the target audience sitting in the audience stood Son Tra Mountain and Non Nuoc pagoda statue in the statue is italic

- So you going to invite groups together enjoying the night scenery of Ba Na, the campfire, barbecue and dancing will help you get the exciting experience

- - The tour Bana travelers tour the most popular choice as BA NA - DA NANG 2 DAYS, details read more or hill bana tour 1 day, you can see the details here

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