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Introducing the famous sculpture facility Lai Chi Da Nang

Thứ sáu,12/04/2019

Fine stone statues are products made from natural stones with beautiful colors and materials. If you are interested in fine art stone products, then surely you will know Non Nuoc stone carving village in Da Nang. Find out about fine art stone carving facility Back Only Non Nuoc stone carving village below!

Lai Chi fine art stone sculpture base is located at Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district. This is the address that many domestic and foreign tourists know when visiting Marble Mountains.

Sculpture base

Non Nuoc stone village was formed from more than 400 years, the vocational group is Thanh Hoa. Since then there have been hundreds and millions of handicraft stone products crafted with meticulousness and skillful hands of artisans. Artisans at Lai Chi stone-making base are experienced people who have gone first.

Lai Chu stone carving facility is one of the facilities with the highest number of skilled craftsmen. Artisans work hard every day to create the best art products.

The handicraft stone products in Lai Chi are all hand-made, with support tools but very simple. Each product created is the brainchild of Lai Chi artist. Only enthusiasm made artisans blew souls into senseless rocks to create perfect stone works.

All Lai Chi handicraft stone products are hand-crafted with support tools that are not too sophisticated. Each product created is the heart of Lai Chi artisans, because they need a lot of time, experience many stages and the most careful and meticulous to turn a rock into a great product. with different shapes.

Lai Chi stone base currently has a lot of diversified items of designs and sizes such as statue of mother, statue of god, statue of Gieu, Buddha statue, all kinds of animals, ... Items used Daily life is also provided quite fully such as flower pots, stone tables and chairs, incense burner, stone paintings, stone teapot, stone railing, ... You can order directly for products with size as the.

Above are the information about Lai Chi fine art stone base in Non Nuoc stone village. Please visit this address when visiting the scenic area of ​​Marble Mountains!